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Generations  of  Creativity 


Sydney Nicole Madison, NCIDQ
Professional Interior Designer & Potter


Jeff Benjamin Madison
Sculptor, Industrial Designer, Painter 


G. Benjamin Madison 'Ben'
Design Engineer, Painter, Potter 


JB Madison is a story of family. . .

 A family of tenacious creativity and uncommon talent flowing through generations of artists, designers, and craftsmen. But if asked, they would all humbly deny it.  Together they have individually created award winning fine art, engineered patented products, and designed award-winning architectural environments. Like the life of many, it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it’s been hard. Being creative comes with unique insecurities and disappointments, but when the time is right, can be the best springboard into some of the most creative work. The hardest challenge lies in the middle and finding that grit to take the leap and continue. Over time the Madison’s have started, leaped, and started again. Using life experiences and connections with nature as the recipe to continue refining their craft.

Jeff Madison first started JB Madison Co. as a sculpture studio in 1986. Growing up, Jeff was heavily influenced to his father, G. Benjamin Madison’s, artistic talents. He watched his dad create art and engineer several patented products from his home studio. This is where his interests for building and designing started.

In school, Jeff expressed his creative passions through painting and sculpture. A year after high school Jeff married his high school sweetheart Barbara, and they both found jobs working at a local furniture store. Jeff continued selling his artwork and remained inspired by his surroundings of home in Kansas. The vast landscapes that go for miles and the beautiful contrast in color that exists along the horizon.


Fast forward 30 years, add three kids to the mix, and Jeff and Barbara have continued to leap together.

The JB Madison Co. has learned to pivot throughout the years designing and building by hand, individual custom furniture pieces, as well as large scale products for commercial clients.  

But the story doesn’t stop there. All three of JB Madison’s children (Sydney, Ben and Jacob) remain connected to home in Kansas and inspired by the artistry of the Madison family. Each curious about various mediums and exploring them at their own pace.

So here we are, growing again, but this time adding another generation to the mix. We can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got.

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