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As wood experts, we recommend all raw wooden utensils in the kitchen to be conditioned regularly. Not only is it good for your wood but makes the clean up after a good meal so much easier! JB Madison has created its own handmade blend of wood butter that's used on all our products made with natural food grade and food safe oils and waxes that help minimize the wood from cracking or drying out. 


(1) 4oz Wood Butter Tin Can


Wood Champion Wood Butter

  • Ensure raw wood is clean and fully dry. Using the sanding block, sand in the direction of the grain. When smooth, apply a generous amont of wood butter to all surfaces of the wood product with the applicator sponge. Allow wood butter to soak into the wood for a minimum of 45 minutes. Wipe off the remaining wood butter and buff surfaces to a satin sheen with the cloth provided. Reapply as necessary. 

  • Food Grade Mineral Oil, Natural Beeswax, Food Grade Carnauba Wax, Food Grade Organic Lemon Essential Oil & Food Grade Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

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